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For those who like our Industry Specific Business Plan but prefer to have it edited by us;

"Write My Plan" services are focused on providing you a detailed business plan at an affordable price. With these offers you receive Hardcopy and CD of the following;

$395** - 5 Year Financials and Executive Summary

We detail 5 year forecasting spreadsheets creating  Income Statements, Operating Budgets, Cash Flow ,Balance Sheets and Ratio Analysis using industry guidelines and your specific menu or predict services list, start up costs, payroll and operations. We'll need a menu or menu of products and/or services and pricing for all offerings.  We then enter your sales revenues into our program customizing it down to every line revenue and cost for startup and operations.  Break Even Analysis and Payroll Budgets by shift are also included. Next we edit our Executive Summary with your details for a summation of the plan including Industry brief, history , management team, use of proceeds and company vision.  All other supporting text can be edited by you as needed as you receive a complete download of the files (Word and Excel) via email. The details of the business plan are given to us by you with phone time on the spreadsheet and after answering an Executive Summary Questionnaire, sent also via email.  You will receive a 275 page, printed indexed presentation hardcopy including your specific custom edited 5 Year Financials and Executive Summary. Time to complete is in as little as two days.  This, of course, is dependent upon your details and how quickly we receive them. Phone/Email? Editing consultations up to two hours included.  **  Hotel is an additional $100, Resort is additional $200        

NOTE: $300 additional charge for Multi Unit Operations w/ 3 hour phone consult

$50 per hour if additional work is needed.

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 To talk directly to an editor call: 800-417-7017

$695**- Complete Business Plan

Same as offer above with additional editing for a completely written business plan.  Features of this  will include the Business Description, Marketing Strategy, Location & Operations , Management and  Financial Plan sections.  We will ask details from you and edit these according to your responses. Time to complete is in as little as one week. Phone /Email /Edit Consultations up to 4 hours included.     **  Hotel is an additional $100, Resort is additional $200        

    NOTE: $300 Additional Fee for Mulit  Unit Operations w/ 5 hour phone consult

$50 per hour if additional work is needed.

Remember too, that QuickPlan® is Industry Specific and you can receive an Industry Report current and updated annually, Operations and Employee manuals to edit into your own, and updates at no additional charge.

All hardcopies ship at $14.50 using USPS Priority Mail

To talk directly to an editor call: 800-417-7017

Call us today to discuss which option is right for you.  Keep in mind, you can always order QuickPlan® Industry Specific Plans (starting) at $195  and edit on your own.  If later you decide you'd like our assistance in editing your plan, we can always add on the services above, anytime.

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