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QuickPlan® Frequently Asked Questions

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Why QuickPlan®?

While there are other business plan software tools available on the market, only QuickPlan® is already researched and already written by a team dedicated to each specific Industry. Each QuickPlan® is created to answer the Small Business Administration's definition of a comprehensive business plan and what the SBA has determined to yield success in the Marketplace. Business Plans are about results and setting down the realistic goals to achieve those results.  QuickPlan® will take you beyond the focus of just raising the money to get your doors open, it will focus your attention on the details of your day to day operations in order to keep your doors open. Profitability is great,  but cash in the bank is better, and why it is so important to build, execute, and track the realized results of your plan. The goal behind every QuickPlan® is to give you the tools to create your own Investment Grade Business Plan. 

Four Great Reasons to buy QuickPlan® Business Plan Software Today! 

1.) Success in the Marketplace dictates an Operational Document a complete and  Comprehensive Plan! 

  • The number one cause of business failure in the United States is poor planning. A recent study by Dr. Stephen Perry of Gardner-Webb University concluded that "...very little formal planning goes on in U.S. small businesses; however, non-failed firms do more planning than similar failed firms, (Bankrupt) did prior to failure. Simply put, businesses that do not plan have a very high probability of failure and the more you plan the more successful your venture is likely to be.

  • Whether you are just getting started, expanding your current business, or establishing the current value of your business in order to sell, a business plan will establish the value that your business has or will have in the future. 

2.) Time is money! 

  • It is estimated to take well over 200 hours of research and  preparation to write a comprehensive business plan for any Industry. Imagine the difference between starting from scratch and sitting down to edit an already written and already researched plan for your Industry. QuickPlan® is as easy as 1-2-3, just fill in your financial assumptions , edit the text files, and print and insert your plan into the already indexed professional presentation binder. 

3.) No new software to learn! 

  • QuickPlan® is compatible with the Word Processor, we recommend MicroSoft® Word, and the Spreadsheet program, Microsoft®  Excel 6.0 or higher required ,  that you probably already have. Just edit the text to fit your scenario, and plug in your numbers over the sample plan numbers in your spreadsheet program. No wasted time learning a new software program making it easy for you to quickly edit and present your plan in the QuickPlan® already indexed presentation binder.

4.) Constantly up to date.

  • All QuickPlan®s are constantly updated,  so you can always count on the plan to be up to date when you purchase your plan!  

What  QuickPlans® are currently available? 

QuickPlan®Restaurant; Based upon a Full Service 166 seat restaurant and bar, this plan is designed to edit easily to cover all segments of the Industry including Limited Service/ Fast food, Cafeteria, Catering, bakeries, etc. Now includes Five year Forecasting Matrix China (PRC) For a Full Service Restaurant in Yuen for China PRC. Updated to cover current policies for everything from payroll and income Taxation for both foreigners, residents and entity as well as permitting all in Yeun.

QuickPlan®Apartment; Based upon an Apartment complex of 3 buildings, easily edits to cove a complex of any size. Includes complete Property Operations Manual, Risk Management Manual and all property management auto forms to start managing your facility immediately.

QuickPlan®Bar; Based upon a Full Service 100 seat Bar/Tavern, featuring a sit down Lunch, Dinner menu, and featuring Spirits, Beer, Wine and Special Events, ( Collecting cover charges). Easily edits to cover Sports Bars, Bar and Grilles, Taverns ..etc. Includes Beverage Industry Analysis overview also.

QuickPlan®SalonandDaySpa; Full and Limited Service Salons with/without Day Spas, Booth/Chair Rental Operations. Calculate staff pay in either % of gross or hourly to cover any scenario. Easily edits to cover any scenario. 

QuickPlan®Coffee ; Based upon a Full Service Specialty Coffee House with 38 seats with limited food offering, this plan easily edits to cover Espresso Bars, Coffee Houses, Specialty Coffee Shops, and Coffee Shops.

QuickPlan®CoffeeCafe; Based upon a Full Service Specialty Coffee Restaurant with 38 seats offering soups, salads and panini sandwiches, this plan easily edits to cover any type of Specialty Coffee Cafe with full menu capabilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

QuickPlan®Express Coffee; Based upon the latest in Specialty coffee trends the express double drive thru concept.

QuickPlan®Pizza; Written around a 100 seat Full Service menu pizzeria, this plan is designed to cover all concepts including Limited Service, pick up and delivery.

QuickPlan®Bed and Breakfast; Based upon a real 18 room historic Victorian Inn this plan covers Inns, Country Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, Boarding Houses and facilities with or without full restaurant and bar capabilities.

QuickPlan®Motel; Based upon a 100 room Motel with telecom revenue.  Limited Service Industry Overview and Outlook,  Employee Manual with rooms quality standards and Emergency Response Team Manual .  Plan can be edited for all Limited Service Segments including Mid price, Economy and Budget Concepts. Facility sample is includes actual Start Up costs for a 5.5 million dollar new facility not including land.

QuickPlan®Hotel; Based upon a 125 room Motel with a restaurant and bar.  Industry Overview , 81 page Operations Standards Manual, Employee Manual, Emergency Response Team Manual, HEAT..Hotel Emergency Response Team manual.  Plan can be edited for all major market segments including, Luxury, Upscale, Mid price, Economy and Budget Concepts. Includes QuickPlan®Restaurant. Also includes Euro Hotel Matrix version covering VAT and European accounting issues.

QuickPlan®Resort; Based upon a 350 room Full Service Resort Hotel divided into actual operating departments for five year operating departments for each and consolidating into five year by month statements; Rooms Department, Food Service ( Including, 2 Restaurants and Bars, Room Service and in room Mini Bars ),Telecommunications, Laundry, Parking, Gift Shop, Business Center, Day Spa, Concessions, Administration, Marketing, Utilities and Property Operations. Includes QuickPlan® Restaurant and QuickPlan® Salon and Day Spa. 

QuickPlan®Internet; E-Commerce, B to B, or B to C, based upon a full service Internet Service Provider offering systems development,  integration and content providing. Includes the History of the Internet and an Internet Glossary of terms and Acronyms.

QuickPlan®Apparel; Based upon a Women's clothing boutique will edit to cover a retail apparel clothing store of any size.

QuickPlan®DayCare;  based upon a Full Service Day Care Center Infant, Toddler and Pre-School, Aftercare and weekend care. Can be edited to suit any size childcare facility or learning center. 

QuickPlan®IceCream;  based upon a 34 seat neighborhood Ice Cream Shop making its' own fresh Micro Batch Ice Cream Flavors daily along with specialty coffee and limited breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Can be edited for any type of Ice Cream concept also includes wholesale as well as retail sales of home made pints, quarts, and pies. 

QuickPlan®TanningSalon; Based upon an 8 bed Tanning Salon providing Nail, Skin, and Massage Services, even includes a Juice bar. Will edit to cover any size Tanning Salon.

QuickPlan®DaySpa; Based upon a 3800 square foot Full Service Day Spa, featuring Nail Care, Skin Care, Massage Therapies, Wet Room, Steam Room, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. Calculate Staff pay in either % of gross or hourly to cover any scenario for staffing. 

QuickPlan®NailSalon; Based upon a Full Service Nail Salon, featuring manicure and pedicure stations, packages and waxing will edit to cover any scenario.

QuickPlan®WineBar; Based upon a Full Service 100 seat Wine Bar/Cafe, featuring a sit down Lunch, Dinner menu, and featuring Spirits, Beer, and extensive wine list by the glass and the retail sale of wine. Easily edits to cover any scenario including retailing.

QuickPlan®Health Club; Based upon a full service Health Club , featuring the latest in Free Weight, Cardio and Aerobics offerings including personal training, massage therapy, tanning, retail pro shop and juice bar. Calculate Staff pay in either % of gross or hourly to cover any scenario for staffing of classes, personal training...edits to cover any size facility.

QuickPlan®Sandwichshop; Based upon a limited service 36 seat Submarine Sandwich restaurant of approximately 1150 square feet featuring fresh baked signature breads, includes floor plan, equipment and small wares.....edits to cover any size facility and menu from deli, subs to gourmet.

QuickPlan®MedicalSpa; .Based upon a 3800 square foot Full Service Medical Day Spa, featuring Nail Care, Skin Care, Massage Therapies, Wet Room, Steam Room, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. Calculate Staff pay in either % of gross or hourly to cover any scenario for staffing. 

QuickPlan®Apartment; .Based upon a 56 unit Multi-Building Apartment Complex, includes Operations and Property Risk Management Manuals including Auto Fill Operations forms so that you can start managing your property immediately.

What software do I need to run QuickPlan®?

QuickPlan® uses your computer’s software spreadsheet and word processor (i.e. Microsoft® Excel or equivalently powerful spreadsheet program is required and Microsoft® Word® or some other word processor ) so you don’t need to learn another software application. Each file opens directly into the appropriate program you simply edit the text files, and fill in the blanks as you are prompted in the spreadsheet files. 

Does QuickPlan® support MAC?

If you have Microsoft® Word and Excel on your MAC,  QuickPlan® will operate, please let us know when you place your order.

What does QuickPlan® cost?

DOWNLOAD NLY: All QuickPlan®s except Hotel and Resort are $145.00 down load only.... from 260-430 pages, Software and toll free Tech Support.. QuickPlan® Hotel  Download Only is $245.00 and the new QuickPlan® Resort  is $345.00 download only.

If I loose my order number with my download can I call to get another copy sent by email if I am the registered licensee? Yes, for example if you loose your copy from 2005 and need the current version but can not find your old order number just call us and have us look you up in the database, verify your license and email you the latest version,  there is no charge.

HARD COPY, CD-ROM AND IMMEDIATE EMAIL DOWNLOAD: All QuickPlan®s except Hotel and Resort are $195.00 and include Hardcopy from 260-430 pages (# pages may vary slightly depending on plan see details of each) 39 subject indexed presentation binder hardcopy , Software and toll free Tech Support.. QuickPlan® Hotel is $295.00 and the new QuickPlan® Resort  is $395.00. 

Additional hard copies can be ordered including CDs for registered license owners of $50.00 U.S. per copy.

What do the financial statements generated from QuickPlan® look like? 

EMAIL ME A REVIEW WORKBOOK Just tell us which Industry Program you would like to review and we will have it right over to you.

How detailed and accurate are the financial projections generated by the QuickPlan® "Big Picture " financial matrix for each different plan? 

Quickplan®s' "Big Picture" matrix is custom designed for each separate Industry to answer the detailed differences generated by each Industry and to  make generating your financial projections a simple but comprehensive process. For instance, QuickPlan® Restaurant will take you through a series of breakfast, lunch and dinner revenue calculators prompting you for the number of seats in your restaurant, your contemplated average seat turnover during the day for each, and the average ticket that you will charge for each meal. QuickPlan® Salon on the other hand will take you through an actual menu of Salon and Day Spa services that would be performed on a daily basis to generate your revenue assumptions. You need only to fill in the blanks and the "Big Picture" will generate five years of month to month Operating budgets, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Analysis( Every Receipt vs. every Disbursement), Operating Ratio Analysis, five year summaries of each set of statements a detailed 5 year month to month break even analysis and even an auto-generated Use of Proceeds statement. Do to the size and detail built into each QuickPlan® "Big Picture" matrix, all QuickPlan® "Big Picture" financial matrixes are thoroughly audited before release.

Why is a QuickPlan® so detailed,  I was told that I could get by with just a few pages? In 1996 QuickPlan® was created and introduced the first Industry specific business planning software based upon the Small Business Administrations' outline of the business plan standard that they list on their website. " The importance of a comprehensive, thoughtful business plan cannot be overemphasized. Much hinges on it: outside funding, credit from suppliers, management of your operation and finances, promotion and marketing of your business, and achievement of your goals and objectives". In short the devil is in the details and the details in any business model can make or break your endeavor. QuickPlan® is dedicated to taking you through the Business Plan exercise that you need to accomplish in order to become a successful operator and exceed the SBA's expectations.  

" I am not very good with numbers and I know that I am going to need help in understanding what they mean...will I be able to get help"?......Absolutely, toll free technical support is 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and if you would like us to review your numbers with you once you have finished them you can attach the matrix to an email and send it to us at support@quickplan.com. Just include your phone number and we will call you back directly to handle any questions you may have and even review them with you, so that you know you filled in everything correctly. 

" Can I present my numbers with color Charts and Graphs?"  Yes, and you can create Charts and Graphs of  any set of numbers that you would like to with all the variations and tools that your Spreadsheet program provides.

What are the charges for updated Industry Analysis?

NO CHARGE- Every  Industry Analysis is detailed to your Industry and updated constantly by our staff so that QuickPlan® is current all year round and available to you at no additional charge. Regional and State Industry SIC growth is updated every 6 months, and available in January and in June simply call and you will receive the emailed version immediately.

How Fast Can I Receive QuickPlan®?

Once ordered, QuickPlan®’s files will be sent to you via download in email. So you can usually begin working on QuickPlan® within 15 minutes of placing your order. We ship via UPS/USPS and when ordering on-line and ordering the additional hard copy and cd-rom the shipping will auto-calculate. QuickPlan® weighs 7 lbs. and shipping is charged (no handling) Ground is approx. $14.50. We are located in Tampa, Florida so for ground orders it can take up to 10 business days depending on your location. Please note that orders for overnight ,two day, or three day select delivery must be received before 5:00pm EST in order to ship same day. 

Do you offer Technical Support?

QuickPlan® includes on going tech support 14/7 at no additional charge, Monday - Sunday  from 8am - 1am EST , you can call us to discuss questions you may have on editing your software or email us at help@quickplan.com.

Is your technical support staff located in the United States?

Yes, when you call tech support you will get an American operator located in our Tampa offices in the United States.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

QuickPlan® Matches any Competitors Gaurantee!

  How long has QuickPlan® been on the market?  QuickPlan® is now going into it's 18th year of release.  

Can I purchase QuickPlan® in any stores? No, QuickPlan® is only sold through the Internet. 

If I order Online is your server secure?  Yes we use an SSL encrypted server. 

What is your website/corporate privacy policy with respect to my personal information?  Please click here to view our privacy Policy.

What currency is QuickPlan® quoted and sold in Online?  QuickPlan®s are sold only in quoted U.S. Dollars. 

What Payment Methods do you accept?

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Visa, Mastercard,  American Express, Discover and Diner’s. Now accepting payments through .(call for email address)

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